Whitestone Interactive is an initiative to push online music through the use of interactive audiovisual technologies. The initiative started in September 2015 with this Kickstarter video and since then became an online hub for interactive music experiences.

Vision & goals

Our mission is to help artists create and release interactive music experiences. We build tools to simplify the development process, and help artists and developers connect through our network.

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From vinyl records to interactive experiences

Whitestone is named after the inventor of the record sleeve – Alex Steinweiss (Whitestone in German). In the late 1930s, Steinweiss became the first art director for Columbia records where he introduced a wider application of album covers and cover art. “They were so drab, so unattractive,” said Steinweiss, “I convinced the executives to let me design a few.”

The record sleeve allowed artists to add a visual layer to their music. This changed the way listeners experience music forever.

Today, visual artists and creators around the world use new technologies to add yet another layer to music – interactivity. This site is all about this new form of art. Want to get a taste of the future? Check the interactive gallery, or our experiments page.